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Fair Trading Statement

Important on Import!

Don Ruffles Limited - has undertaken to develop Key Partnerships with Companies who can supply good quality, well-designed products in an efficient way at competitive prices from the Far East and other developing regions in the world. Whilst we recognise that products must be commercially priced, this must not be at the cost of quality, the environment or employee conditions.

We aim to develop a clear set of environmental and employee requirements before progressing any partnerships. Our aim is to only source from Companies with a clear commitment to an environmental policy relating to their factories and associated manufacturing processes.

Environmental issues such as the source of original materials, OEM partners, disposal of waste, re-cycling procedures and energy conservation must be addressed by this policy and used as part of their negotiation process.

Furthermore we do not intend to trade with any companies who do not have a demonstrable equitable employee package. This package must relate to a variety of points including:

  • General working conditions

  • Health and safety at work

  • Pay

  • Holidays

  • Working hours

  • Dispute procedures

  • Training

  • Career and personal development

To ensure that this remains a reality they must undertake regular personal inspections on an ongoing basis to every partner that they deal with to include informal interviews with employees, tours of factories, offices and associated manufacturing facilities.

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