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Office Furniture Accessories

Purchasing Office Accessories with your Office Furniture will not only enhance your Working Experience, but will save you Time, Money, and Effort. Plus you will ultimately reduce the number of days that Staff take off through Stress and Strain, along with meeting your obligations to current Health and Safety Regulations.

Items like Back Supports, Copy Holders, Foots Rests, Laptop Risers, Mouse Mats, Wrist Rests, Monitor Arms, and Monitor Stands all help to position your Staff correctly, and comfortably at their Workstation, whilst Artificial Plants, Chair Mats, Clocks, Coat Stands, and the correct Desk Lighting all help to keep Staff content within the Working Enviroment.

Office Furniture Accessories

Prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of 20% VAT

Back Supports
Over 80% of People will suffer from Back Pain during their lives. Nearly 5 million working days are lost every year through bad backs. Buy a Back Support Today.

Chair Mats
Makes movement easier for chairs whilst relieving leg fatigue. Protects all types of flooring from hard flooring to carpet. Protect from electrostatic charges which can come from electrical appliances.

Foot Rests can adjust for individual work style and comfort to provide the support you need while you work.

Laptop Risers
The prolonged use of laptop computers is likely to cause postural problems & significant increases in the number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD).

Monitor Stands
Monitor Supports allow you to customise your monitor position for enhanced viewing comfort, while creating more usable space on your desktop.

Finance Option - "Barrier Breaker"
Spread the cost of your purchase over 1 to 5 years. Typical 3000.00 for less than 75.00 per month

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