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Desking Guide

In the working environment, the workstation is a key element to ensure efficiency and productivity. Floor space is expensive so you need to invest in furniture that makes the best use of what floor space is available you have. Choose from the traditional rectangular desks, the radial desk that is the mainstay of the VDU operator and the wave desk that is ideal for the use of flat screen monitors.

At we provide furniture covering all quality levels, so you are able to choose what is right for your requirements in all areas of your Business:

  • Entry-level Desking - The Trexus brand has 18mm thick work surfaces suitable for most general offices - offered with four-legged traditional, cantilever and classic panel end leg styles.

  • Mid-level Desking - Influx and Sonix use 25mm work surfaces should you require desking with added strength.

  • Executive Desking - Our Adroit range is suitable for Managers and Senior Executives and Elysium and Serene offer the ultimate in style and design.

When ordering pedestals for radial desks please remember that the hand desk you order is the end which accepts a 600mm desk high pedestal. Therefore, a left-hand radial will accept a 600mm desk high pedestal on the left of the desk and a 800mm desk high pedestal on the right of the desk. The opposite is true for a right-hand radial.

Leg Options

There are three basic leg options available:

  • Four Legged/Traditional - A strong straight leg that is available for entry-level products.

  • Cantilever - 'C'-framed metal legs that allow greater user movement. Some ranges have inbuilt cable management.

  • Panel End/Classic - Solid wood-effect panel legs available on all levels of products.

Delivery and Installation:

To bring you the best possible pricing we have introduced more ranges of desking and storage requiring self assemble, but unlike most ‘cash-and-carry’ operations we can offer a full delivery and installation service at an additional cost.

Desking Thickness

Our Desking is available in a choice of 4 desk top thicknesses:

  • 18mm
  • 25mm
  • 30mm
  • 37mm

Desk Shapes and Sizes

Desks are available in 3 different shapes:

Left Hand Radial
Left Hand
Right Hand Radial
Right Hand

Radial Desks

  1. 1160mm
  2. 600mm
  3. 1600mm
  4. 800mm
Left Hand Wave
Left Hand
Right Hand Wave
Right Hand

Wave Desks

  1. 1000mm
  2. 1600mm
  3. 800mm

Rectangular Desks

  1. 800mm
  2. 1600mm

Desk Returns

Some desks have either a LEFT or RIGHT hand return - please specify when ordering.

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