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Buyers Guide

Welcome to FurnitureRunner.com - The UK's ultimate Office Furniture purchasing experience with the Best Choice in Value, Style, Quality and Comfort from dedicated personnel with over 15 years experience in the supply of Office Furniture.

Search by Category or Brand

The FurnitureRunner.com website allows you to display all items featured within a certain Main Product Category or by Manufacturers Brand easily and quickly. Simply CLICK either on the ICON image at the top of the page or in the LEFT HAND column. This will take you to the appropriate Pages where you can narrow down you search.

Quality Guide made Simple

The FurnitureRunner.com website identifies suitable products with a ‘Medal’ Logo to help you find the right solution for your every requirement and budget. Simply CLICK on the Selector Button to show all relevant product Quality Bands in each Category. There are four levels as follows:
  • Bronze - Bronze Quality items are great value entry-level products suitable for customers where price is very high in the purchasing decision, but also require superb value for money options.
  • Silver - Mid-level better product that is ideal if you are looking for that little bit extra quality and richness in your furniture with a little more style for customers who are willing to spend a little extra for a more superior product finish.
  • Gold - Gold Quality is the best for quality and style for a stunning look and perfect in areas where quality is as important as price - the right choice for that stunning look
  • Platinum - Platinum Quality products are the ultimate in quality and style for a really stunning look and quality and are perfect for large offices where image, style and quality are the most important criteria.

Price Guide made Simple

The FurnitureRunner.com website allows you an opportunity to search appropriate items within certain price parameters to help with your purchasing decision and narrow down items within your budget. Simply CLICK on the Selector Button to show all relevant product Price Bands in each Category. Please also consider that items are further discounted with Quantity Breaks to reduce your spend and we are happy to consider Special Pricing for Bulk Requirements which can be discussed by calling 0845 5555 007.

Model Types made Simple

The FurnitureRunner.com website allows you to further narrow down your search criteria allowing an opportunity to search appropriate items like Model Types/Desk Shapes/Material Finish/Lock Type etc. Simply CLICK on the Selector Button to show all relevant ways of searching in each Category then press the Select Feature drop down button to narrow down further. For example you can show all Armchairs or Sofas, Wave, Radial or Rectangular Desks, or even Steel or Wooden Storage Cabinets.

FurnitureRunner Quote

If you require a detailed price quote or you would like to negotiate a suitable bulk purchase price we can provide a special Quotation which will deliver the exact specification that you need at your desired target prices. Call 0845 5555 007 or E-mail: Click Here.

Price Beat Promise

We are never knowingly undersold, and will either try to BEAT any advertised price you tell us about or refund the difference onto your card for a similar product that you have purchased from us provided that:
  • The product is identical to the one you ordered
  • The price includes delivery charges
  • The product is in stock and available to order
  • We are able to verify the lower price
  • The price is found on the same day as the purchase
This guarantee is only valid to GB mainland customers only and therefore excludes orders to Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Scilly Isles, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.


Buying furniture is probably the most exciting and expensive purchase that many people will make for their offices. It involves style, design, comfort, practicality and of course budgeting. With normal day to day Cash Flow restraints inevitably our Customers consider ‘downgrading’ their requirements instead of buying a comprehensive suite of furniture that will achieve everything they require in a new office environment.
One thing that often gets in the way when considering a purchase is budget - the ideal solution therefore is a suitable finance package. Finance4Furniture is a partnership with one of the major players in the financing of new office furniture in the UK. Our partner has the resources to ensure any investment in office equipment and furniture is handled quickly and efficiently for all consumers. We can provide customers with suitable credit ratings with an easy-to manage funding solution that negating the need for an upfront large capital expense bill. The full cost can easily be expressed as a low figure over a number of years - and the tax advantages mean it can sometimes be the best way to buy. Finance4Furniture through FurnitureRunner.com would normally be suitable for customers looking to order products in excess of £1,000. Call 0845 5555 007 or Click Here for an instant finance quotation.

Delivery and Build Solutions (DABS)

At FurnitureRunner.com we pride ourselves on providing more than just a price and supply option. Our service pledge to you means we supply many more things than that, from in depth advice, design - right through to customer fulfilment. A key part of our service is the Delivery and Build Solution (DABS) that we are offering to all customers throughout the UK. A third party partner, who is experienced in providing a national service in the UK, provides our installation service. The delivery and installation service is effected by the DABS provider and a costing schedule can be provided on request. Call 0845 5555 007 or Click Here for further details.

Our Stocking Pledge

FurnitureRunner.com provide Office Furniture and Associated Products from Europe's largest specialist suppliers of office furniture. Whilst we endeavour to provide the highest standards of Supply and will always try to deliver within the quoted delivery time, sometimes this will not be possible. All delivery times quoted are meant as a guide only as all products may become out of stock depending on situations out of our control so we would always recommend, depending on your requirements that you should call our Customer Service Personnel on 0845 5555 007 to check on exact lead-times.

Colour Match

Make sure of the colour match:
We have taken a careful look at our desking and storage wood finishes. They need to be a uniform, stable wood representation (or real wood veneer where it applies). Our finishes come in three main options. They are wood foil, melamine and real wood veneers. Wood foil and Melamine - These are essentially photographic prints of a wood finish that are sandwiched in a protective bond. Amongst its advantages are durability (forget those coasters for hot mugs), consistency of finish and economy. Improvements over recent years in the photographic and bonding process now means that at times it is difficult for even the experts to identify the difference between a good quality foil or melamine and a real wood veneer. Real wood veneers - If you want to invest in “the real thing” then real wood veneers are still the optimum choice. Made by taking a thin layer of wood from a piece of timber and matching it to similar pieces of wood. These are bonded together to create stunning desktops and wood panels. They are usually placed on top of chipboard (as with melamine and foils) or MDF but have the unique beauty of being “one-of-a-kind” example of real wood grain in its most natural state.
Generally speaking veneers are mostly used in higher priced executive suites where appearance and style carry a premium consideration. Melamine and foils are mostly chosen for their practicality and value in general office settings.

Choice and Variety

Our customers demand variety. To help provide this choice we have selected different grains for different ranges. Therefore a beech finish in say the Influx range is different to the beech in the Trexus range. It’s another way of us being able to provide consumers with best selection. However, as a simple guide, if you need to match finishes do not mix ranges but keep your choice within one range.

Safety Audits

Health & Safety at Work regulations now require regular audits of any workforce at any location (including home workers). We have an electronic audit form that will help employers identify issues and our distributors to provide solutions, before they become a point of conflict - or worst the subject of litigation.
Anyone using a monitor needs to be assessed at least once a year and more frequently if equipment changes. A distributor, working with an employer, can interview each member of staff. If a problem is identified - such as discomfort in a chair, insufficient space or a monitor that is not close enough - a solution can be provided instantly from our comprehensive range of products.
To request a copy of our free electronic audit form then please call: 0845 5555 007 or e-mail: Click Here.

Shaping the Future

Like any other part of life - Office Furniture is affected by fashion and changing times. In the 80’s and 90’s every office in the land was equipping itself with the latest technology. That meant millions of new computers with monitors, printers, fax machines and a wealth of other support equipment. All that meant a big pressure on office desk space needed to expand to house the extra items. Radial desks, with their distinctive L-shape one-piece desktops, were the answer. Then we had the advent of the affordable flat screen monitor at the turn of the millennium. Position these in the corner of a radial desk and they are normally too far away from the user to be ergonomically correct. It can create eyestrain, bad posture and in almost every case poor efficiency. Instead rectangular desks and wave desks became the ideal desk shape. These should be the logical choice whenever flat screen monitors are purchased.

Eco Friendly

Our biggest selling furniture range is Trexus. Our Suppliers have applied for the rigorous eco accreditation, which is in the final stages of accreditation. FSC Accreditation is the ultimate award relating to Eco credentials. It means that every component within a finished product has been inspected, its provenance and method of manufacturing checked. The rigorous tests mean that only products awarded the symbol are guaranteed to be eco friendly.

Spare Parts

It’s frustrating we know but occasionally mistakes happen. That can mean that a box of fittings for a piece of furniture like a desk comes minus a screw or bolt. Our fittings packs are packed by people and then checked to ensure they match the required items. However, mistakes happen and an incomplete pack can slip through. Should this happen to you our ExSpare service is there to help. We have a stock of all the major fittings components used in our furniture and seating. We can send a replacement pack to you by express delivery
FREE OF CHARGE, which usually means it will arrive the next day.
To take advantage of this service call 0845 5555 007 or e-mail Click Here.

Keeping In Touch

All of our Customers and Prospects will be kept up to date with New Products, New Pricing, New Ideas and Special Offers with a number of exciting seasonal mailings, and e-mailings which can be supplied on a regular basis subject to your approval. We can even supply you with a DVD detailing the various type of furniture we can supply all types of individuals or business’s

Furniture Faxback Form

Not quite ready to purchase yet but would like us to contact you in the future to discuss your requirements and to keep you informed on a regular basis - why not use our Call Back Form as attached:

Swatch Samples

With colours displaying differently on everyone's monitors it can be hard to visualise exactly what colour a product is going to be. If you need to see exactly what you are buying then please call us on 0845 5555 007 or e-mail Click Here and we will send you a free swatch sample via post.
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